Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I see you

Callie and I often walk down through the woods into the river valley on our afternoon walks, making a loop around a large wheat field and along a dirt road to rejoin our own road at the bottom of the hill. Then we pass through a small neighborhood before climbing back up the hill to our hamlet.

This pretty young lab knows us by sight and watches carefully as we pass by.

Many dogs live along this route and, if they're out, they will all come by to bark at us as we walk by. This is one of the regulars, but I don't know her name. She'll run along inside the fence to make sure we're not a threat. Callie scoots by quickly on the other side of the road, no sniffing, no greeting, not wanting to get involved.


  1. There are a lot of what I call outdoor dogs in our village.
    They seem to live outdoors as if they are really burglar alarms rather than pets. In one area there are two on each side of the street and this produces a hell of a racket when we walk by with Lulu!
    I often wonder if it annoys the other neighbours. It would irritate me if I lived anywhere near.
    It's one of the things on our list for if we ever buy a more permanent residence in France - not near anyone who keeps an outdoor dog!

  2. On a cycling holiday in Brittany I passed a farm with a sign on the gate saying "chien méchant. Fourteen dogs rushed out barking madly. I've always wondered which one was the "chien méchant. P.

  3. You could at least tell Callie to find out the girl's name...

  4. It's nice to see another neighbourhood dog....I was beginning to think that only Callie resided there.

  5. I wonder if the "regulars" look forward to Callie passing each day?

  6. jean, dogs are protective of their homes and people by nature, I think. Even Callie will bark along the roadside of our property if someone walks by, especially with another dog.

    pauline, fourteen! Wow...

    mitch, she probably knows and just won't tell me.

    virginiac, there are dogs EVERYWHERE around us! And not a few cats, too.

    starman, I wonder...


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