Saturday, August 03, 2013

Looking south

Here's another view from the roof terrace at the Château de Chambord. I'm looking pretty much due south over the castle's "back yard." I'm glad I don't have to cut the grass here. The castle's grounds are walled in and the area that the walls enclose is about the size of the city of Paris. Pretty big.

The buildings on the left are stables. The buildings on the right house a couple of restaurants. They're all part of the park.

Most of the park is forested and for centuries was used as royal hunting grounds. In fact, I understand that royal hunting parties ventured well beyond the confines of the castle walls.

We had thunderstorms overnight, but they were relatively mild and didn't last long. I was up at 03h20 and out on the deck. The clouds were parting and I saw a bright light moving through the northern sky. I made a mental note of the time and then looked at the internet this morning to verify that I indeed saw the International Space Station pass by. Cool.


  1. The size of the city of Paris... No wonder there was a revolution.

  2. the ISS - WOW! I would not be able to see that here since I live too close to philly; too much light from the city creeps out here. makes it hard to see many stars too. why are you up so early anyway? ;-)

  3. The castle grounds are about the size of Paris? Wow that's huge. I can really "see" the scale of size now.

  4. Cool photo, (and, then, ditto what everyone above me said :))

    I'm glad for your storms bringing some nice, pleasant weather!

  5. I thought maybe you were exaggerating about the size of the park... but I guess not. Are the walls from the time Chambord was built?
    Did you wait to snap the photo when that man was just exactly under the flag? I like it!

  6. Oh, I didn't think of the the ISS, but maybe that's what I saw the other night!!

  7. mitch, that and the cake remark. lol

    anne marie, I'm often up and down during the night, especially in the summer when I can go out and look at the stars. I often see satellites flying by in the hours just after sunset or just before sunrise. The ISS is pretty much the brightest satellite up there (except for the moon, of course!).

    virginiac, yeah, big!

    judy, us too!

    mary, I didn't notice the man when I took the picture. I was waiting for the flag to billow out.

    starman, it's pretty bright.


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