Saturday, August 17, 2013

Web art

This is a spider's web that I saw between two of the posts on our deck railing the other day. The sun was shining through the strands and splitting into its spectrum of color. I like the geometry of the web structure.

The spider that made this is very small and out of sight.

The other day we helped one of our neighbors lift some drywall up to his second floor, so he and his wife (the mayor) invited us to lunch on Friday. We had a nice, leisurely meal out under the trees in their yard (about 4 1/2 hours) and enjoyed the warm summer day.


  1. nature's architects; clever little insect!

  2. How intricate, and well of nature's finest architects. Almost looks like a spider crop circle.

  3. My heavens, what a photo, Walt!
    Glad you two had such an enjoyable visit chez Madame le maire :)

  4. First time for me to see such a spider web. It doesn't appear to be a very likely place to catch anything.
    Carrying drywall isn't easy - it is soooo heavy. Nice the reward was a long lunch with your neighbors.

  5. Kind of looks like fingers.


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