Saturday, October 12, 2013

Autumn leaves

Other signs of autumn, besides the weather, around our hamlet are the changing leaves. Only a few trees are turning yellow so far; there's still a lot of green around. The vineyards are also beginning their change. Soon they will be filled with vibrant reds and yellows before changing over to brown.

Grape vines putting on a show.

We had rain over night, and it looks like it may continue into the day. The weather system is spinning right over us, according to the radar image. I won't get any grass or log cutting done today.


  1. Grass cutting, wood cutting...
    it is Saturday...
    take a rest...
    Ken says you've got the cold from him...
    Light the wood fire...
    pull up a couple of chairs real close...
    turn on some music...
    and cuddle...
    a glass or two of thick, fruity red!

  2. it's been in the high 50sF and rainy here for the past 2 days. the heat is on since I am still in recovery from pneumonia.. I haven't had the energy to do much of anything.

  3. I guess in another month or so, we'll start seeing some deciduous trees dropping their leaves. Right now, still sunbathing and swimming.

    At least you get a little break from you lumberjack duties.

  4. Love the colors in this photo.

  5. tim, sounds like a good remedy.

    anne marie, hope you're feeling better soon!

    mitch, that sounds wonderful!

    starman, me too!


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