Sunday, October 13, 2013

Autumn flowers

There are still some wildflowers in bloom out in the vineyard. They're the last of the late summer wild carrot, chicory, and thistle plants. It won't be long before they've given up their seeds and wither as the temperatures drop.

These colors will soon give way to the reds and golds of fall.

On Saturday I picked some more tomatoes, but they're much fewer and not as good looking as the last batch. The plants themselves are brown now, and the slugs are attacking the remaining fruit. Still, it was a good season for us, especially when you think of how late it got started.

I also got the winter squash crop in. It's too wet to let it linger on the ground, and again, the slugs are starting to get to them. The acorn squash seems particularly attractive to them. So I figured I'd get them all out of the garden. I'm sure a photo of the crop will show up here soon.


  1. your deck looks so inviting for a glass of wine. currently 61F and cloudy here at 4a. back to bed for a bit for me.

  2. About this time next year, we'll have driven from Tuscany to the Loire to settle into local life for 4 to 6 weeks, It will be an interesting experience for us as we've never stayed any later than September. Pleased that you are still enjoying some nice weather.
    Leon and Sue

  3. Oh how I love acorn squash. Those lucky slugs.


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