Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tiny universes

It's as if each drop is it's own tiny universe, filled with microscopic critters and who knows what else, sealed inside, unaware of what's outside, all resting on the back of a simple leaf. It startles the imagination to think about it. Especially if you've had a glass or two of wine.

Water droplets on an overturned leaf.

This morning the sky is clear and the result is a chilly morning. We've got about 8ºC (46ºF) outside the house this morning. I'll wager it's a degree or two colder out in the vineyards. The boiler is running to take the chill off inside the house. It won't run for long. If necessary, I'll build a fire later in the day.

The wood stove's chimney got swept yesterday, so we're good for another year. If I'm lucky, and industrious, I could get most if not all of the remaining logs cut this week.


  1. I love the leaf photo Walt....what an interesting concept to startle my imagination too....and I haven't been drinking any wine.

  2. Lovely little leaf with droplets. Just lovely.
    It's brrrrrrrrrrr chilly here. We've had several fireplace fires and an outside fire-pit fire or two in the past week.

  3. Having 4 seasons is really nice as long as it doesn't get too hot or too cold but the change is always welcome. We were supposed to have rain here yesterday and today but it hasn't happened (darn!). It gets chilly at night but it is actually refreshing as it can still get hot during the day.

  4. Another beautiful photo ... and so poetic. 8C? I guess I won't complain about 20 here.

  5. After seeing the photos of the afteraffects of that storm in London and Denmark, I thought you might have gotten some of that as well. Glad to read both of your posts with no mention of it! After a rain there is lots to notice in our environment and you are an expert at that, Ken! Merci!


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