Sunday, October 20, 2013

Things are looking up

I'm feeling much better, thank you. There is still a little residual congestion, but I'm definitely getting over the cold now. I have done diddly-squat about the outdoor chores and it's driving me a little crazy. Just watching the grass get taller and taller makes me anxious. But, even without the cold, the weather would have stopped me from cutting it, so I can't feel too bad.

Looking up at blue sky through the trees in the piney woods.

Today I hope to get out and pick up some apples and bring in the lawn chairs. That should be enough outdoor activity for the day. I hope to be able to cut the grass tomorrow and/or Tuesday.


  1. I'm with you on the grass front. Irritatingly yesterday. when I could have got the mower out there was something else I had to do which took priority...
    Now why do I get the feeling the grass is secretly laughing at me?

  2. Diddly-squat? I remember a friend from New Zealand using the term. I can't remember hearing it from an Australia. I wonder about its origins.

    1. The expression has been around here (in England) for almost as long as I can remember (which is long), even though my 'Chambers' classes it as N American.

  3. we use "diddly-squat" here in the US. I like the purple flower (top right). and I am happy you are feeling better.

  4. Hope you're both feeling a lot better. Picking up apples and bringing in the lawn chairs sounds like a pretty full day.

  5. And I've caught your cold. Thank you very much.

    : )

  6. Diddly squat has been used around the northwest as well! I think it is fun to use the terms I grew up with. Not so many of today's 'young-uns' have used it around me!!!

    Yes, Mitchell is right, Walt! Take it easy so that your cold has no where to hide and it disappears! Right? Saying that, I know how it feels to have chores to do outside and at the same time, the days to get those chores done are not only getting shorter but are becoming fewer and fewer...

  7. WTF is Central European Winter Time (CEWT)? I've never heard of it. Explain, svp.

  8. I too am glad to hear you are mending.

  9. n&a, it's the nature of grass. ;)

    andrew, I have no idea where it comes from, and it's not something I say much. It just kind of came out when I was typing that sentence.

    raybeard, hard to imagine "diddly squat" said with a British accent...

    anne marie, thanks. I don't know what that flower is, but there are a lot of them on the edge of the woods right now.

    mitch, I am, thanks! Yes, it was enough.

    rick, oh, sorry about that. Damned internet! Get better soon.

    mary, I know. We have to make hay while the sun shines.

    starman, they call daylight savings time "summer time" and standard time "winter time" here. Since we're in the Central European time zone, we get CEST and CEWT.

    michael, thank you, kind sir.


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