Friday, October 04, 2013


This is part of one of the diggers/loaders/backhoes that the crew had parked out behind our house last week. They're using these vehicles to dig and re-fill the trenches for the electrical undergrounding project. Most of the ground work seems to be done now.

Lots of hydraulics and grease. A well-oiled machine?

We've seen the electricians out working to splice cable and prepare the connections at the pole where the distribution wires originate. We don't know when the changeover will happen, nor do we know how long it will be between that and the removal of the old wires and poles.


  1. Machinery - its a bloke's thing.

  2. We saw a lot of big trucks specializing in drilling, sawing, etc when the by- pass was being built behind our house. A white truck came by each night to grease up all the parts, we called the driver (nice fellow) "Greaser" lol.

  3. Because you are not having any precip at the current time, the workers must have felt safe (at least from the weather) leaving the cables exposed. I am also thinking there must not be any copper wire there as if it was here, in the U.S.A., someone would cut it and pilfer the copper to exchange for money. It has been happening for several years now.

  4. Hope the new hair-cutter is as good as the old one.

  5. leon, lol.

    evelyn, I remember seeing some of it!

    mary, copper wire theft is a problem here, too.

    starman, so far, so good.


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