Monday, October 21, 2013

Oak leaf cluster

That sounds like some decoration an American general might wear. This little branch must have snapped off its tree in the wind. Normally, oak leaves don't fall until spring when the new growth pushes them off. They turn brown, but hang on the tree all through winter.

Oak leaves on the ground.

Sunday's weather was nice enough and Ken and I felt good enough to get some of our outdoor chores done. The lawn chairs are in and I picked up most of the fallen apples (about four wheelbarrows-full). Ken ripped out the dead vegetable plants from the garden and gathered up all the stakes. Another growing season comes to a close. We still have collard greens and kale growing out there, and I think we'll be harvesting some of that kale real soon.

I plan to begin grass cutting today.


  1. our oak leaves are the first to turn brown and drop; spouse mulched them this past weekend. I see apple sauce and apple tartes in your future.

  2. Good to hear you're fighting fit again. Now what you need is a cider press... P.

  3. Congrats to you both on the big task of getting back outside and doing yard work. I hope you're both feeling tip-top soon :) Love the oak leaves.

    Hey, I know that you're more of a tennis guy than a baseball guy, but it IS time for the World Series ... this week... and it's my two favorite teams, the STL Cardinals and the Red Sox! My sister lives in Boston, so we're a little torn by having to be rivals :) Are you a Boston fan, considering your northern NY roots?

    1. judy, I would certainly root for Boston, unless they were playing the Yankees!

  4. Oak leaves don't fall until spring in France? We have two enormous oak trees in our front yard in California, and the leaves are dropping like we've never seen so many acorns. We raked up four boxfulls two days ago, and now the yard looks the same as when we began. There's easily a thousand of the little nuts.

  5. I can vaguely remember when I thought 50 and 60 were pleasant temperatures. No longer.

  6. I love oak; it is a magickal tree for me.


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