Saturday, April 09, 2016

And today's the day

I'm planning to move our sprouting seedlings out to the new greenhouse/tent this morning. It's been standing out in the yard now for a few days, experienced some wind and held up, and I've reinforced the base with some concrete blocks. So it's time. We're expecting some light rain, so I'll have to passer entre les gouttes (walk in between the drops), as they say.

The greenhouse in situ; the door faces south. I'll take another photo with door open once the seedlings are in.

My doctor visit went quickly yesterday. It's really just a check-in to get my prescriptions renewed. The blood pressure is good and I don't need blood work for another year. Apparently my last blood numbers were fine. I used to have to go to the lab once a year, but this new doctor says I only need to go every other year unless something changes. Cool.


  1. Less doctor's visits, a very good thing! More time to spend in your greenhouse.

  2. Good for you. Keep it that way!

  3. That's good news! Cheers from Downunder, Jan.

  4. You're going to have a good time with that greenhouse. Nice color too...which should filter the sunlight when things heat up.
    Walkies with Callie equal good numbers.

  5. Glad you will be visiting the doctor less. Will it be easy to water your plants?

  6. nice greenhouse! believe it or don't, it's currently snowing at my house. that's right - SNOWING.

  7. I used to have mini-versions of this in 'walls of water'. Spring is not quite the same without the contrast of gray/brown to plastic green/blue.

  8. mitch, I still have to see the doc twice a year for the prescriptions. He has to make some money, after all.

    chm, I'll do my best!

    jan, thanks!

    sheila, it will be an interesting experiment.

    evelyn, it shouldn't be a problem; there's a water barrel near-by, and the hose reaches out there when necessary.

    judy, :)

    anne marie, snow? Sheesh!

    michael, a little color always helps. ;)


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