Sunday, April 24, 2016

Something lives here

And I'm pretty sure it's not a hobbit. There's no door or chimney, and the garden is not well tended. It's much too small for a rabbit, but I have no idea what would live there. A little mouse or vole is the best I can come up with.

Bag End it's not.

Saturday's rain was more like heavy mist, but it lasted all day long. This morning we're greeted by clear skies and a waning gibbous moon setting in the west. And it's chilly, down below 5ºC (around 40ºF).


  1. maybe is a mole but I don't think so or a mouse

  2. something that lives or travels thru the ground under our driveway has a habit of gnawing thru our electric wire that connects to the pump for the well....we have suddenly lost water out of the blue twice now.....we need to put the wire in a serious pipe under the drive asap....always a surprise when u turn on the tap & nada

  3. When we are out walking the property and come across such holes and Jim asks, “Wonder what is in there?” My stock reply is always, “Well I don’t know either, but stick your finger in it and see if you can tell!”. And his reply as always, “You first!”. We then have a good chuckle, knowing full well that neither of us cares for the thought of sticking a digit in a hole in the ground (lol). Now don’t discount it be a gnome home, gnome’s are notorious for keeping the front portal of their abodes exceptionally austere.

  4. My vote is a bloody great spider! Sue

  5. LOVE the wild orchid pix!

    it gets that cold here at night too, so the heat is on; I turn it off during the day. the pollen is thick, everything is greening up. perhaps a wee fairy lives there...think tinkerbell!

  6. gosia, could be.

    melinda, that sounds like a real pain!

    michael, not in these parts, pardner.

    gary, I'm with you. Not going to happen.

    sue, that would have to be a very big spider. Yikes!

    christine, I wonder...

    emm, I did see a hookah-smoking caterpillar the other day...

    anne marie, we could use more fairies in the 'hood. ;)


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