Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Uh, what?

What's wrong with this picture? Where'd the bottom of that tree go? This is what happens, I guess, when you don't plan your cuts properly. The cut tree probably fell onto the others and stuck there, so they just cut it off as high from the bottom as they could and left the rest.

And the moss is growing on the south side of these trees.

Our unsettled weather continues. And the grass continues to grow. Ugh.


  1. That is bloody dangerous!!
    And the moss growing on the South side is put there by the pixies to keep the unwary traveller lost in the wood...
    And therefore easier prey!!

  2. Sorry Walt, it looks Photoshopped to me!

  3. Being a forest dweller myself, your picture is not an uncommon sight. The fact that the tree was left hanging in the tops of the associated tree is a little unnerving though. Here we would wrap a tow strap around the cut tree trunk and tie it off to a jeep, lock the jeep down in 4 wheel low and extract the wayward tree much as a dentist a tooth. The act of tree removal is then followed by cheers, high fives and sometimes a beer or two, just depending.

  4. tim, not really dangerous; it's been there for a year or two. I was wrong about the moss. It's on the western side more than the south side. Still...

    mitch, n'est-ce pas!

    peter, I swear, it's not!

    gary, I like the last part... ;)


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