Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sculptures in mud

Something has been happening on the artsy organized neighbor's property. For a month or so, big tractors and trucks have been moving earth, grading, removing logs, and otherwise messing around behind his piles of stuff. They've also been making monster ruts in the dirt road that runs through the vineyard. With all the recent rains, those ruts have become giant mud baths. You could open a resort.

Blue sky is reflected in a muddy tractor rut.

We have no idea what's happening back there. At one point I thought he was improving the path/road that went from the vineyard down into the ravine; there's a paved road that runs through the ravine along which are many houses, maybe even his, so that's a possibility. We don't think a house is being built up by the vineyard because there are no utilities up there. So we're left wondering what's going on.


Pour your heart out! I'm listening.