Friday, April 01, 2016

Pottering around

Not with clay, but with soil and seeds. Here's my temporary potting setup. The green bin is filled with dirt that I use for planting the seeds. It's a very satisfying little endeavor because, as it happens, the seeds sprout. And then they grow into plants that will, with a little luck, eventually bear fruit.

My temporary potter's bench.

Normally I start the seeds in early to mid March, but this year I'm late. So it will be a few weeks before I can transplant the seedlings into bigger pots and hope that they grow big and strong. Then, by the end of May, they can go into the garden. I planted eight varieties of tomato, some zucchini, and some local butternut-style squash called sucrine du Berry.

The seeds are planted and the little pots are in little greenhouses on the living room floor to keep them warm and humid until they sprout.

Ken just ordered a kind of greenhouse contraption for outdoors. We would love to have a real serious greenhouse, but that's a major investment, so we're going to try a less expensive thing to see how it works. There will be photos. Unless a storm blows the whole thing away. Stay tuned.


  1. I always love following your plantings :) Oh boy!

  2. You do have green thumbs. Are those special plastic boxes for seedlings, or did you invent them?

  3. I love seeing this! Remember to let us see the sprouts.

  4. I like those plastic boxes with the clear covers, like mini-greenhouses. Going to look around, see if I can find some.

  5. judy, :)

    christine, emm, the green one comes from a garden center, the others are containers that food came in, repurposed.

    evelyn, stay tuned!


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