Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lightning! Thunder!

A little storm went over early this morning. I woke up to lightning flashes, thunder, and a hard rain squall. Callie ran down the stairs barking at one point. It was all over rather quickly, though. Now there will be fresh puddles everywhere. Callie likes to drink from the puddles in the vineyard. And from the ones in the road. And from the ones that form on the deck. She prefers puddle water to the water in her bowl, of course. It probably has more flavor.

Grass growing in a puddle.

On Wednesday I set up my little potter's bench. It's a board laid across two sawhorses. I emptied a bag of seedling soil into a closable storage bin for easy access and brought out the little seedling pots and trays. I chose tomato varieties for planting and got going. Now that that's done, it's just a matter of watering and waiting.


  1. Walt...for the most part tap water is chemically treated...chlorinated normally.
    Dogs, cats...even our chooks prefer rain water to tap water...they have better developed smell than we do...let's face it dogs are used as drug/chemical detectors.
    My BC wouldn't go near the drinking bowl for around half-an-hour after it was filled...
    I started to use a jug to fill it...
    filling the jug in the morning when making tea...
    using it to fill the dog's bowl in the afternoon.
    No problem...
    unless I forgot and had to use tap water...
    then I was given the full BC sulk!!

  2. Monet would have painted this. What a terrific shot.

  3. Replies
    1. I agree with you all. I'm trying to figure out where this puddle is. Water is flowing copiously all around us right now, with all the rain.

  4. Such industry with the plants. Such an eye with the lens!

  5. puddle water is far more tasty, indeed.


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