Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Now that the ground is a little drier, Callie and I have been taking one of her favorite paths through the woods again. It's the path that leads us by the Artsy Organized Neighbor's piles of things. There has been a lot of activity back there of late. New piles of dirt and gravel have appeared and some of it has been spread on the little road through his property. A lot of firewood has been hauled away. And here and there I can see that some things have been shifted and rearranged, even if only slightly.

Corrugated fiberglass.

My goal for today is to get some seeds planted in the garden. First, peas. Last year I built a little trellis on one side of the plot for cucumbers, but the cucumbers never climbed it. So this year I will plant a couple varieties of snow peas there. Second, radishes. I never did plant any radishes last year, and I missed them, so I will plant some now. If I'm smart, I'll plant successive rows so that they aren't all ready at the same time. Third, Swiss chard. We've enjoyed garden chard over the past few years and I want some more. Now is the time to plant all of those crops.

I also want to weed the plot where the rhubarb is coming up. I transplanted it last year and it's starting to come up now. If I don't get the weeds under control, they'll crowd out the new rhubarb stalks. Fortunately, it looks like we'll have sunny day to work in.


  1. So glad it's dried out enough for you to wander and work in the garden. Only YOU can make corrugated fiberglass a work of art.

  2. Mmmm, rhubarb.
    I miss it, not having a real garden these days.


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