Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dry spell?

If the predictions hold, we're entering a period of dry weather. High pressure is building in and we may have several days in a row with no rain and maybe even some sun. We sure need some time for all the water that's fallen to soak in and/or drain away. The rivers are very high right now. Dry weather will be good for getting outside and preparing for spring. Shrubs need pruning, ground needs to be tilled, and early garden crops need to be sown.

An intersection in the winter woods after a rain shower.

This wet February/March weather is not at all unusual. I just forget every year that it's going to be like this. And just when I'm getting really sick of it, it starts to dry out. Let's hope that the time is now. Spring is close!


  1. I love the photo, dominated by the stop sign. Umm, shouldn't the sign say something like arretez? Tilling the ground and planting crops sounds so like a farmer's life.

  2. Not a car to be seen I miss the peace and quiet country roads in France. It's mayhem here in Derbyshire. Very soggy here too, but a dry spell coming up.

  3. andrew, I think they use "arrêt" in Québec, but in France it's just "stop."

    jean, I'm looking forward to dry!

  4. Do they use "stop" signs everywhere in France? Have they always? I can't recall!


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