Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring is here

We've been enjoying, if not actually basking in, the sunlight over the past few days. The ground is actually drying out and it's a pleasure to walk with the dog without worrying about mud and sand. Ken and I each heard the season's first cuckoo over the weekend. That's a sure sign that spring is here. As are the flowing trees.

Blossoms on the plum tree that Ken planted from a pit many years ago.

And, while it's not really warm yet, we are starting to get some outdoor work done. It's all the normal stuff like tilling up the garden plots, picking up downed branches, trimming and pruning, and starting seeds for the vegetable garden. There is much to be done.


  1. great but it is fantastic we have the same title of the post.

  2. I look forward to seeing how your garden grows....

  3. gosia, funny!

    christine, us too! It's different every year.


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