Friday, March 11, 2016

Am I blue

The primroses are in bloom in our yard now. The plum trees are blossoming around the neighborhood, and our fruitless cherry tree is fat with flower buds. In another week it should be covered in pink blossoms. And the daffodils are in full bloom. Winter is on the wane.

Blue primroses, with petals partially eaten by something (I think), among the white, yellow, and red.

These next few dry days will be quite welcome. I can tell the difference already, although Callie still picks up a lot of mud and sand. Not all the puddles in the vineyard are dry, not by a long shot. But they will be, eventually.


  1. The best primrose photo! Those were planted outside our front door (by the builder). Nice memory. But now I'll be singing "Am I Blue" for the rest of the day. Thanks!

  2. Hard to believe that we will be starting Daylight Time on Sunday. Seems just like the other day that
    we were setting the clocks back.

  3. We're suddenly getting blossoming daffodils everywhere, and our two Star Magnolia trees are blossoming! It just kind of snuck up on me :)

  4. Spring has sprung here as well. I missed one set of blooms in my garden lot, since I could not get out there! But others have replaced them. And the mustard and collards are very healthy, in spite of my negligence. Yes, time to think of what to plant....

  5. Beautiful primrose picture. I don't recall ever seeing that blue in real life.
    We're getting daffodils in western NC, too, and forsythia budding out. Also pollen starting up. Gah.

  6. judy, isn't it nice? :)

    christine, collards can take a lot of abuse, it seems. Good luck!

    emm, pollen, yuck. Ken has a hard time with it.


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