Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Water, water, everywhere

It's raining again this morning. Wet, squishy ground waits for me and Callie. It's a muddy paws (and legs, and belly) day for the dog. And the wind is gusting, too. Ah, March!

A view of the abbey from the town below, March 2007. Our hotel room is one of those windows on the lower left.

This photo is from March of 2007 when Ken and I stayed on the Mont Saint Michel for a night. It was just before we brought Callie home, so we were dogless. In the evening, after most of the daytime visitors left the island, we heard the sirens and the public announcement about the tide coming in. Then, at dusk, we saw the water sweep across the mud flats like a tidal wave. It's the only time I've actually seen that happen, even though I've been to the Mont several times over the years.


  1. A friend from Anniston is there today! She's having a great trip, but the weather could be better lol.

  2. Appropriate that it looks like a sand castle given the title of the post. We've had brilliant sunshine in the morning that then clouds over. Someone with some level of intelligence would probably get up and out earlier in the day to take advantage of the warm sunshine.

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    1. I hate predictive text and not noticing what it's written........
      I'm almost glad that the weather is just as bad chez vous as it is here in Derbyshire. That way I don't feel quite so peeved about being here and not there.
      Not really. I wish you could have gorgeous weather all the time. Of course I do.........

  4. Wonderful shot. It must have been eerie surrounded by water. When we visited last summer the tide was coming in as we left; the boat that was stuck in the mud when we arrived was once again afloat.

  5. evelyn, I haven't been since they've removed the causeway. I hope she's getting better weather now.

    mitch, I know what you mean. Getting over inertia is one of my biggest problems.

    jean, least while you're here! It will get better. I hope.

    christine, thanks! It was more eerie just watching how big and fast that wave was.


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