Sunday, March 06, 2016

March snow

Snow fell most of the morning on Saturday. It was quite unexpected; I don't think any of the weather sources I look at predicted it, except for maybe a little snow-mixed-with-rain early in the morning. The snow started at sunrise and, after a few hours, we had close to four centimeters on the ground.

It's not a lot of snow, but it's unusual for us. The view out the guest room window.

This is the third "snow event" we've had this winter. Significant, because we haven't seen snow at all in several years. Of course, during the afternoon the temperature warmed up and most of the snow melted quickly away. Now we're back to mud and soggy soil.


  1. What a pretty view. Best viewed from the warmth of a cosy house!
    I never found being outdoors in snow too much fun and as for driving in it.....nightmare!

  2. We had 10 minutes of mini hail yesterday - more slush than pebbles, if the truth be known.

    Obviously, living in the south has major advantages!

  3. It's always a beautiful view, the fresh snow. It was a little gift for Ken for his birthday :)

  4. This is my favorite winter scene. We often get it here from mid-November to mid-March and sometimes even early April.

  5. Looks beautiful but I don't much like the thought of mud and soggy ground. Mind you, it's currently 37c here so snow sounds pretty good. Sue

  6. jean, that's for sure!

    simon, I think I'd rather have snow...

    judy, true.

    michael, :)

    jon, in other words, during winter. lol

    leon, I'm so over the soggy ground. But it's normally like that this time of year. Yuck.

  7. So picturesque. I especially love MY view of your snow.


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