Friday, March 25, 2016

The rain is back

We woke up to rain this morning. It came in earlier than expected which means I have to walk Callie in it. Oh well. The dry days were nice while they lasted, and we got a lot of outdoor work done, so that's good.

More from the Artsy Organized Neighbor's collection.

I tried to burn some yard waste yesterday, but my fire was pitiful and went out quickly. I think the stuff was too green. I'll throw it out into the woods where it will decompose. I also got the hedge trimmers out (again) and trimmed the hazelnut hedge. It will need to be done again in early summer; it sends up tall growth rather quickly. But I got a head start. Another good thing.


  1. Another wonderful (artsy) photo. Summer here today (and yesterday). I've been told by neighbors that the sunny summer-like weather will remain for a few more days. I've been told by other neighbors that the gray (and even some rain) will return tomorrow. Whatever, wet beach sand is simply wet sand... and not mud.

  2. Thanks for the mistletoe berries...I will get them off to Andy as soon as possible...he'll be very pleased!!

  3. mitch, thanks! Oh, summery weather. Right now it's a dream for us.

    tim, that was quick work! Glad you got them.


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