Monday, March 28, 2016

The primrose path

It's less of a path than a patch. These are the primroses that come up every spring in our lawn (and I use the term "lawn" loosely). It's a shady spot on the north side of the house, although as you can see here it does get some morning sun this time of year. The woman who sold us the house told us that whenever she got primroses, she would plant them outside. They've obviously spread a lot and they continue to spread to new parts of the yard. One day soon I'll have to cut the grass and then the blooms will go, but I'll wait as long as I can before mowing this spot.

This is one of the denser clusters of primroses in our garden.

Today is a holiday in France, so businesses are closed and there will be no mail delivery. Our garbage pickup will be moved from early Tuesday morning to early Wednesday morning. The wind storm is nearly over. It's blowing out there, but it doesn't seem as bad as I was expecting. Thank goodness.


  1. I sure wish we had Easter Monday off. I am headed back to work after a week of spring break (lucky me!), but I could not fall asleep for anything last night. I could use today off! LOL

  2. I've never seen primroses growing "wild" like that. So beautiful and such a great excuse to not cut the grass.

  3. Charming. This year has been a good year for wild primroses and I guess these primula cultivars too. They are very pretty naturalised in the grass.

  4. gosia, thanks!

    judy, two week school spring vacations start here next week. Then there are all the days off in May...

    mitch, and the best part is that there's no work involved. They do their thing all by themselves. I like that.

    susan, we look forward to them every spring!


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