Thursday, March 24, 2016

Can you dig it?

I was productive on Wednesday. At least, about as productive as I get these days. I dug around in the dirt and managed to plant a couple rows of snow peas, a couple rows of Swiss chard, and a first row of radishes. All staked, marked with string, and labelled. And watered in. I also got the rhubarb and strawberry patch weeded out. Mostly. One of the six strawberry plants didn't come back, but the other five look good.

A painted post among the Artsy Organized Neighbor's spring collection of stuff.

I did some more trimming (there's still some more to do) and I'm planning to burn a bunch of trimmings this morning. I'm unclear on the burning thing. We've been told that we're not allowed to burn yard waste any more (for a few years now), but everywhere you look, people are burning their yard waste. I try to pick a cloudy day with no wind for burning so as not to be too obvious about it. Today looks like a good candidate, especially since rain is predicted for Friday.


  1. Yes, that's right. Burning garden waste is banned now, but everybody does it. I was somewhat startled a couple of weeks ago when this came up in conversation at lunch with friends and the Deputy Mayor, who was one of the guests, said to me 'Is it banned? Why is that?' Our French hosts were perfectly aware that it was banned, and like us, knew why (air pollution legislation).

  2. susan, I've noticed burning coming from our mayor's yard a time or two since I learned of the ban...


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