Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Monday morning was brilliant. There was no fog and the sun warmed up the morning so that even a chilly five degrees felt pleasant. We got out by mid-morning with the power tools -- Ken with the rototiller and me with the hedge trimmers -- and started working. The hedge trimmer is electric, so to use it means pulling out the fifty-meter extension cords and deploying them out along the garden path before plugging in to trim.

I didn't take any photos of the yard work, but Ken did, so maybe he'll post some.

I needed a ladder to get to the top of the forsythia bush, but that was pretty easy since I had done a major pruning job on it last summer. After doing the lavender, the daisy patch, the flower stalks around the well, and another shrub or two, I got out the hand saw and set to work on our smallest apple tree. It was full of mistletoe. Ken cut out some of the lower branches over the weekend, so I got up on the ladder to work on the higher up branches. The tree looks much better now, but it still needs to be shaped a little more to make it less lopsided. I think I'll burn the trimmings in a few days (mainly to kill the mistletoe). We're far from done, but we got a good start. Rain is predicted for Friday, so we'll see how much we can get done before that.


  1. Walt, could you please squish about a dozen of the biggest berries onto some loo paper....
    we have a friend in the UK who is trying to get some to establish on an apple tree....for an horticultural experiment.
    We can work out how to get them later...possibly by the J&N postal service.....
    as I won't be in a state to drive anywhere for a few months.
    I sent him some Hawthorn mistletoe but they didn't take...
    He thinks that they are pretty specific.
    Thanks in advance.

    Love the rust on that stake...it looks very thick, but I think that is the deep pits and a trick of the light.

  2. That must be some spectacular forsythia. I DO miss those, although not enough to put up with 5 degrees.


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