Sunday, March 20, 2016


The end. This is the last tractor photo, at least for a while. Maybe if I stop posting photos of it, someone will take it away. Not that it matters. It's out of the way and not bothering anyone. I wonder if it's a rental? You would think that the company that owns it would like to get it back in working order and rented out.

The number 30 was traditionally used in journalism to mark the end of an article.

Ken got the rototiller out and did a first pass through the garden plots on Friday. Now I want to go out and plant some early crops along the edges. Mainly peas and radishes. But we also have some chard and kale that can go in now. If we get ambitious.


  1. -01- I must -21-. But this is -02- to know. -73- -30-

  2. Walt, you're not old enough to be my dad, but that's the poem he used to say. It still gives me a chuckle. Thanks for the reminder.


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