Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Trying to dry out

The past couple of days have been nice, giving the ground a chance to drain. We've had so much rain recently that everything is soggy. And the prediction is that we'll have more rain, in the form of showers, in the days ahead. Starting tonight. I guess we're going to have giboulées de mars after all.

A recent sunny morning. Vine pruning is progressing at a rapid pace in anticipation of spring.

Callie is going to the groomer's this morning. Boy will I be glad after all that excess hair on her legs and belly is gone. Not to mention the tangles on her back side and tail. I'll try to take photos, if she'll cooperate.


  1. I find those bare and gnarled vines so beautiful. Good luck with Callie. Can't wait to see her all cleaned up.

  2. Is Callie all dolled up now? Has she stopped pouting?

    1. ken, tune in tomorrow.

    2. I love the idea of Callie pouting.... I always thought that my hound was sulking....
      but thinking of the facial expression...he was pouting!!
      Usually after an enforced hose down....

  3. I'm going to the groomer today too.


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