Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Callie gives me a Bronx cheer

We had just returned from the groomer's. I asked Callie to pose for her picture. You can see her response. This, to the guy that feeds her every day, gives her biscuits and chewy treats and cheese, takes her out for walks (twice a day for the past two weeks!), and rubs her dry with a towel. Pffffft!

Callie gives me the raspberries.

So I got my revenge by telling her I saw a kitty-cat in the road. She ran to check it out. There was no cat. Gotcha! Bwahahaha!

What? Whaddaya mean there's no cat?

When I left Callie at the grooming salon, she sat on the floor and the poor woman had to drag her by the leash to the back room. But later she told me that once I was out of sight, Callie was very well behaved, better than previous times, and even gave her a kiss. Progress.


  1. Callie's going to be glad to see her other master tomorrow! Then you'll be back to one a day walking!

  2. SOooooo cute :-)
    I love the first one -sorry Walt

  3. Awwwww! She was only blowing you 'une petite framboise'. (I guessed that a literal translation wouldn't be right but, having now looked it up, the English is so much more vivid). Nevertheless, that doesn't excuse you for playing such a cheap little trick on her. Naughty, naughty man!

  4. Haha, you're making me laugh.. shouldn't tease her like that, poor Cally. ;) Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous doggy!

    What are you going to cook tomorrow as a welcome-back-meal?

    1. elgee, I made a pot-au-feu with beef shanks.

  5. She looks like a fresh young puppy! I like her photo shot! I think she's saying, "Sheeeeesh, Walt - not another photo!"

    Mary in Oregon

  6. She looks quite glamorous post-grooming.

  7. She is a real beauty, even when giving a Bronx cheer.


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