Monday, February 29, 2016

Tower of cat power

It was an experiment. We wanted Bert to have a place in the utility room to climb up, out of reach of Callie, and relax a little. He likes to sleep in there rather than in the garage (where his bed is) these days. Sometimes he curls up in a chair, other times he'll sink into the laundry basket to snooze. So I thought one of those cat towers would be a good idea.

The cat tower, upholstered in a lovely velour on which a painting of Elvis could be made.

The jury is still out. I got a tall tower on purpose. My thinking: the taller, the better for keeping out of the dog's reach. The reality: the taller, the more unstable. It will tip over if you look at it wrong. So I bolted it to the wall. The other reality is that Bert is a big cat and he barely fits on the platforms, and I don't think there's any way he could sit on the very top.

But he is using the tower on his own, sort of. I find him perched on the third level many mornings waiting for me to bring his breakfast. The tower, you see (although not from this photo), is right next to the door that goes into the house. So when I open the door, there he is at (almost) eye level. Meow!


  1. That is an impressive tower. To get him the top level level you must tell him never to go up there.

  2. It might be the perspective of the photo, but it does look like the platforms are kind of small. Odd!
    Our neighbors had three cats, and two big, extensive towers for them. Those cats flew up and down those towers like crazy!

  3. I wonder if the makers of these things actually expect them to be used without being bolted to the wall (or floor). Ours is much more stable-looking than yours -- multi-legged, broad-based -- and still it goes flying when a cat jumps off.

  4. It's a nice cat tower, so he'll probably use it all at some point once he's used to it.
    Maybe more Elvis will do the trick.

  5. Brilliant!
    Daisy would love that!


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