Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Walk this way

Well, that title might have worked better if Steven Tyler lived in this direction. As it is, it's Mick Jagger who owns a house not far from this little arrow. Apparently Mr. Jagger spends enough time at his Loire Valley manor house outside of Amboise that people we know have seen him out and about. We never have.

I have no idea what this sticker means. Maybe it marks a hiking route through town?

I'll be making crêpes for lunch today. They will be traditional Breton buckwheat crêpes, filled with ham, mushrooms, and a cheese sauce. Then we'll have sweet crêpes for dessert. I'm already hungry.


  1. I immediately starting singing like Steven Tyler (EXACTLY like Steven Tyler, I might add; it's uncanny how good I am)...

    We've got a little "French" crepe stand on the paseo that I walked by yesterday and was so tempted by the aromas that I nearly stopped. But having been on my way home for a great gym workout with a protein shake in my hand, I controlled myself.

  2. Enjoy those crepes. I'm thinking about making some myself. I've never tried to make the buckwheat ones, but had them lots of times in France. They are so good!

  3. We have friends in Amboise who have seen the Mick in Bricomarché. They rarely go there while I go there all the time, but have I seen him... nooooo. Anyway, I just learned about Chandeleur. Is that why you're having crepes?

  4. Just a stab in the dark...perhaps the arrow is to help Mick find his way home after a looooong night!!!

    When I ever get to Amboise again, I will definitely visit the Brocomarché there! I have driven through Mick's hometown (by accident!) and knew because his high school had a big sign telling everyone!

    Mary in Oregon


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