Monday, February 01, 2016

Monday macros

I've been having fires on and off this season. Mostly on, but there have been warm days when building a fire just didn't seem necessary. It's unusual for this time of year not to have to build a fire in the wood stove every day. In addition to the relatively warm weather, our new boiler's thermostatic control makes it so much easier to let the central heat keep the house at an even temperature. Before, the heat was either full-on or full-off, so on warmer days it was either too much heat or not enough. Now, the thermostat keeps things comfortable.

A log burning inside our wood stove, 100mm (macro), f/5, 1/250s, IS) 6400.

The men's final in Melbourne went pretty much as expected. Murray couldn't even win a set against Djokovic. Oh well. The season's just begun.


  1. Seems that plans are underway to establish the Laver Cup modeled after golf's Ryder Cup. That will
    give you an additional tournament...coming in 2017 apparently.

  2. A very warming photo. I really enjoy your Monday macros.

  3. That's just a fabulous shot.

  4. Stuart has taken the words right out of my mouth. Super well done.

  5. A very Dante-esque Monday macro. Remarkable picture.
    I was hoping Murray might somehow win. He seems always to get within striking distance of the top and then somehow doesn't pull it off.

  6. sheila, cool! I hadn't heard.

    mitch, lol!

    stuart, thank you!

    susan, :)

    emm, he needs a little more ooomph! I'd like to see him win more.

  7. Stuart said it first. Fabulous shot!


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