Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ice no ice

This photo is from about ten days ago, the one and pretty much only time we've had temperatures cold enough to form ice this winter. We're in a very warm and rainy period right now. This puddle froze in a very strong geometric pattern. I don't know what causes some puddles to freeze like this while others have more curvilinear patterns.

If you look very closely near the center of the image, you can see a group of tiny air bubbles frozen inside the ice.

The women's final in Melbourne was a very fun match to watch, even though Serena Williams lost. Both women played great tennis, but I got the impression that Serena couldn't move as well as she has in the past. Oh well, it's hard to stay at the top of the tennis world at the ripe old age of 34; she's nearly a dinosaur in tennis years.


  1. I think it is safe to say, Williams and Federa have passed their prime. My money is on Jokanovik tonight. The match must be underway already. The players have had it quite easy this year, without killer hot weather. Unlike when some international events happen in Melbourne, the Open is a really nice time here.

  2. Fascinating freeze. Could that be a tire track with the mud beneath melting faster than the ice above? Probably not. I was an art major. Some scientist will probably write and explain what really happened.

  3. That's a good question. Maybe something in the water that changes its freezing pattern? In any case, it makes for an interesting photo.

  4. You find the most interesting sites to photograph, Walt! I've never seen ice freeze like this. We've had warming weather lately, so I'll have to wait to watch for geometric ice designs...darn it- (not really!)

    Mary in Oregon

  5. Cool pattern. It looks as if it was on something, then fell off over the puddle? Almost like a window frame. Anyway, it is very cool.

  6. water is most fascinating.

  7. Love the angles in the ice.

  8. susan, thanks!

    andrew, it started out hot, but the weather turned. Most of the matches I saw were with the roof closed on Laver Arena.

    mitch, you might be on to something, but I'd bet it has to do with the freeze rate rather than the melt rate...

    stuart, see above!

    mary, I'm glad you think so. It's probably because I walk the same routes over and over so I need to look for something new to photograph.

    christine, thanks! Nothing fell; it froze in place like that.

    michael, indeed!

    wilma, for a minute, I started looking for "angels," then I realized my error. ;)


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