Saturday, January 23, 2016

Gray days

The whiteness of winter snow has given way to the gray of overcast days as we transition from some cold weather back to what seems to be our standard mild temperatures. As this is happening here, we're watching the snowstorm moving through the mid-Atlantic states in the US. Somebody on American television called it "snowzilla." I know that "snowpocalypse" and "snowmageddan" were already used in recent years, and "blizzard" may be just too boring. Journalism school must be so much fun.

Friday morning was gray, dark, and a little frosty. This B&W image conveys the mood perfectly.

We're planning to enjoy another slow-cooked meal today. Ken made a pot au feu (beef stew) in the slow cooker over night. It's a French standard made with carrots, onions, turnips, and potatoes. We've been invited to a neighbor's house for lunch on Sunday and we're looking forward to that.


  1. "Friday morning was gray, dark, and a little frosty"....
    don't believe it is a B&W pic...
    it was just like that here!
    At least there's some green visible today...
    after the fog lifted!!

  2. I think your shot captures the feel of winter perfectly. Snowzilla left us "only" 15 inches (vs the possible 24 predicted). Enjoy that comfort food.

  3. lately we have had frosty sunny days

    1. That, Gosia, is the sort of winter I prefer....
      not this grey, damp, moistily creepy winter we've had so far here!!

  4. tim, I know what you mean. I like some snow better than cold, wet, and gray.

    stuart, wow! I don't know how we'd deal with that much here. Imagine!

    gosia, we're missing the sun.


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