Thursday, January 14, 2016

Not much

There isn't much happening. The weather has not been good for photos, and the days are still pretty dark. At least, they're dark when we're out with the dog. I'm sure you're tired of seeing pictures of sticks and leaves. Here's a restaurant that we went to in December. The food was pretty good and beautifully presented, but we were the only customers, which was a little weird. I think, based on its name, that it used to be a mill. The building sits next to an artificial lake out in the middle of the countryside. It's a beautiful location. I'm sure there is plenty of business in the summer season (especially on the outdoor terrace overlooking the water), and maybe on weekend nights in winter, but we were there for lunch mid-week.

Restaurant le Moulin de Chaudé.

As the days lengthen, I hope to get out and about a little more with the camera. Sounds easy, but I'm a serious homebody and, from where we live, going anywhere other than for a walk involves the car. And Callie doesn't like the car, so that doesn't motivate me to go places with her.


  1. We've never been to this place, although we've had it recommended. Good to hear you liked it too.

  2. Great-looking place. You have to worry about a restaurant being able to stay in business when it's pretty much empty at lunch time. I hope it keeps up.

  3. The building is beautiful. I enjoy eating in places that plenty of customers, that is part of eating out.

  4. What a beautiful building and setting. We've been a few times to good restaurants that were huge and devoid of any other diners. A very strange feeling. (Now can someone please go put a wedge under that flower pot in the drive?!?)

  5. susan, the grilled steaks were tasty.

    judy, especially these "out in the country" places. I guess they rely on the tourist trade.

    evelyn, I feel self-conscious when there is no background noise in a restaurant.

    mitch, next time I go, I'll take a wedge.


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