Thursday, January 21, 2016

The last snow photo

Until we have snow again, that is. I wanted to see how the camera would deal with the contrast between the brightness of the snow outside and the lower light conditions indoors. I took three pictures, two of them with the lights on. The one without the lights on didn't work very well.

The view out onto the snowy deck. That's Callie's play sock on the floor.

The snow is all gone now, except for a few spots where the plows piled it up. All that remains is soggy ground and mud. We're expecting a warm up on Friday as a new wet weather system moves in over us. That will be rain.


  1. A beautiful photo of a beautiful space. What a view, too.

    1. Ditto :)
      Plus, I'm sure you're glad, with all of this cold, to have that nice, new slider door, eh?

    2. Very beautiful setting indeed. WOW! And I love the table. The contrast of the yellow in the other room and the green in the living-dining area. The large door... all feel so confortable.

  2. My most absolute favorite thing about this foto is the wine glass. :)

  3. mitch, it can be blinding in spring and fall when the sun "spits morning" through those windows! But I like it.

    judy, yes, the door is working out very nicely. :)

    jon, thanks!

    angiemanzi, mine, too!

    christine, thanks!

  4. Nice shot with good exposure throughout. Sometimes the dynamic range is just too high though. I have ha some success with taking two shots... one exposed for the brighter area and one for the darker... and then putting them together in PS. I understand the newer iPhones will do that for you. So I guess I can be replaced by an iPhone now. sigh

  5. The room looks warm, elegant and best of all, comfortable.


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