Saturday, January 30, 2016

A blustery day

Today's forecast is for wind and rain. I can already hear the wind outdoors early this morning. The rain is coming later. I'm planning to go out to the market for some of the ingredients to make crêpes on Tuesday, so I should probably get it together and go sooner rather than later. I want some mushrooms from the mushroom lady and some nice ham slices for the savory crêpes. We already have what we need for the sweet ones.

A pile of dead and diseased vine trunks next to the vineyard parcel they were pulled from.

The Australian Open finishes up this weekend with the women's final this morning (our time) and the men's final tomorrow morning (again, our time). It's nice to be able to watch the matches live, although I may record the women's match this morning so I can get to the market and back. I'm rooting for Serena! Tomorrow I'll root for the underdog, Mr. Murray, although it's probably Djokovic's match to lose.


  1. Go Serena! I believe I heard Andy Murray quoted saying that if his wife went into labor, he would be
    at the hospital not on the court. But perhaps that was before he reached the final.

  2. Given the content of the entry, is 'rooting' a pun?

  3. What a lot of prospective corkscrews!!

  4. Yep, lots of roots/rooting in this post. We finally had a downpour last night that included what seemed to be the longest lightning storm I've ever seen.

  5. It's been a bit chilly here too (in Southern US). I haven't visited your blog in awhile and thought I'd check it out. Glad to see you're still at it! I've always loved your France-landscape photos. The vines in this one are particularly attractive.

  6. I like the sound of those crêpes.

  7. sheila, probably!

    michael, totally unintended.

    tim, it took me a minute, but then I figured it out.

    mitch, earthquakes and lightning... will Mitchell be moving again?

    rick, good to hear from you! When did you move south?

    jean, I'll let you know how they turn out.

  8. We moved to Florida the end of 2013. Love it! Swim in the winter. Summers are hot, but Boston can be just as bad sometimes.

  9. Wondering about the red marks on the old vines -- perhaps those are indications of which to cut out?


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