Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And it snowed

It officially feels like winter now. The snow started at sunrise on Monday and pretty much continued non-stop until nightfall. It didn't snow hard most of the time, we only got a couple of inches of accumulation. But a lot of it is still on the ground this morning, and we've been warned that the roads are likely to be slick in the early part of the day. We were planning to go out in the car today, but we've postponed that until Wednesday.

By around 11:00 am the heavy, wet snow had started to accumulate on the deck.

I was surprised at how much we got and that it's lasted this long. Micro-climates and all. River effect. Whatever. It's very pretty and it was kind of exciting to be out walking in it. I grew up in a snowy climate so none of this is new to me, just unusual for the places I've been living for the past twenty five years or so. Maybe I should go out and try to build un bonhomme de neige (a snowman).

This was around 15h00 (3:00 pm) and the trees in our yard were heavy with snow.

Ken and I both took photos during the course of the day (he even took some video that I think he's posting on his blog this morning). For those of you who live in snowy places, this ain't much. But for us, snow doesn't fall every year, and we haven't seen any accumulation in several years. So, yippee!


  1. I love your "horizontal juniper" in Ken's post...
    in the snow it looks like some kind of strange monster from the deep!!

  2. We certainly don't get geranium flowers under snow in Derbyshire! They have died months before the snow arrives there.
    It was nice to be able to see the snow and not worry about having to get to work in it. Ours had all gone by teatime but it shows how much difference it makes being just a few kinometres further north in your area.

  3. The fields and vineyards must be even more picturesque right now. Snow every once in a while is beautiful. (And may we never ever see it here. The mountaintops are as close as it should get.)

  4. Your second photo shows snow at its best, light enough that you can see the details of the tree beneath the snow, but heavy enough to bend the tree into unfamiliar shapes.

  5. Lovely photo of snow covered geraniums.

  6. I'm saying yippee with you since I'm just a voyeur!

  7. I love the snow on your geraniums. Is it snowy enough to make it nice and quiet?

  8. Very nice winter images. Keep warm and enjoy the season.


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