Thursday, January 28, 2016

Don't tread on me

This is the last one, I promise. I'm not to the point of making plaster casts. Yet. The vineyard road continues to be a muddy mess. I'd rather it freeze solid, frankly. Callie wouldn't get so dirty on her walks. Oh well, this is the way it is. Muck. Yuck.

A busy pattern.

We made a wine run on Wednesday to a town up on the Loire called Limeray, about forty kilometers from us. There was a particular wine that I liked, a white made from chenin grapes, from a particular winery that we know up there. Turns out, they had run out of it until the 2015 vintage is bottled. It will be available in March. Not to worry, we didn't leave empty-handed.


  1. I'm quite enjoying your tyre track odyssey.....but then January is such a slow month.......!

  2. I hope you are at least keeping proper scientific records of your sightings. You know, a spreadsheet with when, where, manufacturer or vehicle model, name of observer, as a bare minimum.

  3. I wonder if there is a Flickr group for these?

  4. These have really been interesting images, Walt :) The close-up shots are great.

  5. I'm glad you don't have to whine about a wasted trip. The tire tracks do make for some wonderful art.

  6. jean, well, I'm glad somebody is enjoying it! And yes, January is a slow month!

    susan, but of course. Many spreadsheets. lol

    tim, I'll bet there is...

    judy, you are too kind. :)

    mitch, whine, wine, it's all the same to me. :)


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