Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday fifties

The last march of the Ents. This makes me think of the tree-herder characters from The Lord of the Rings marching off to war. In miniature, as these are grape vine trunks and not tall trees.

Maybe they're Entings? 50mm, f/8.0, 1/100s, ISO 640.

It's just about freezing this morning and light snow showers are predicted this morning. I can see on the internet that it's snowing already in Le Mans, about 150km to our northwest, and it's moving this way. The ground is too warm for anything to stick, so if it does snow here, it will be pretty but inconsequential. I'm not holding my breath.  **UPDATE 09h00: It's snowing!


  1. Even the vines look like they're cold. I'm sure you're correct about the snow, but it's too bad it won't stick. I'm already stretching to find photos to post. I hope the customers don't demand their money back.

  2. Love the Ents....
    it is all white here....
    with frost!
    Minus 5 Centipedes outside...
    but no sno', tho' if it comes soon it will settle!!

  3. Entings in their nursery! Enjoy your snow.

  4. I look forward to snow photos. The Ents are totally gnarly.

  5. stuart, it stuck a little in cold spots, but only lasted a half-hour or so. And we're up on the heights. I don't know what happened down by the water.

    tim, much colder where you are than here.

    jacqueline, lol!

    mitch, Monday.


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