Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mid week chill

The temperatures are falling and we should be near or at freezing by Friday. I think it's going to be a kind of a shock to feel real cold after this unusually warm fall and winter season. Our new boiler will be put to the test. So far it's working fine and we're very happy with it.

Our recent winds have probably blown these dried-up leaves off their tree by now.

We've got some winter meals planned now. Today Ken is making (has made, in the slow cooker) a bœuf aux carottes (beef stew with white wine and carrots) and we're planning a blanquette de veau (veal stew in a cream sauce) for later in the week. We got the beef and the veal on sale last month and they've been hanging out in the freezer. Those two dishes should feed us for a while. And I have pizza planned for over the weekend.

Today I'm making a wine run; I've run out of rosé (gasp!) and we'll need some more red before long. There's a winery whose rosé I like a couple of towns over, so I'll head over there later this morning.


  1. It's definitely the season for slow cooked beef. I made a humungeous batch of beef with onions in stout yesterday, nearly filled my 10 litre boiler. I've got some veal waiting in the freezer for a blanquette too.

  2. We've got some really good (we've been told) wines in the house (including rose) and no one to drink it. I never have more than a glass. Jerry has none. So, I hate to open a bottle. It's a terrible problem.

  3. beef stew with white wine and carrots sounds a delight.

  4. GASP! shocking; a house with no wine! ;-)

  5. susan, sounds good!

    mitch, oh, how I could solve your problem...

    michael, it is very good. Something you could make, eh?

    anne marie, oh, I never said that... we just needed some more. ;)


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