Monday, January 25, 2016

Ice patterns

Monday macros has called in sick today. There's a nasty shutter bug going around. Ba-dum-pum. Filling in is a standard shot taken with the 15-85mm zoom lens. Last week, when it was cold, the puddles in the vineyard road had frozen over. Callie tried to break through some of them and taste the water below.

Callie missed this puddle.

I had to take the car out to run an errand on Sunday morning. When I started up the car, I noticed that Bert was sitting on the hood watching me. Rather than get out and move him, I started the wipers and sprayed the windshield with washer fluid. He jumped to the ground lickety-split. Plus, I got a clean windshield.


  1. Iced puddles, a childhood memory. Doesn't happen here now. Nothing to do with global warming though.

  2. Great photo. Hope the shutter bug passes quickly (or returns? ... I'm not sure how that works). I wonder if Bert would have stayed on the nice slowly warming hood as you drove off.

  3. Fascinating photo. Wonder what causes those white curved edges on the ice. Enjoy the football!

  4. Hahaha, you're making me laugh with your story about Bert. You're teasing the poor thing. ;)

    Love the picture btw.

  5. Beyond ice and liquid... It feels like some kind of magic.

  6. Lovely
    A few years ago it actually got cold enough one morning to make a few of these on the puddles and pool surfaces. There was a flurry of photo posts as if everyone was in a contest to come up with the best photo. I always like your photos, indeed.


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