Saturday, January 16, 2016

Let it snow

We had a couple of brief snow showers on Friday morning. A dusting stuck on the ground for a short time, but melted very quickly after. Driving didn't seem to be hazardous, although the bread lady, who arrived with her husband driving, said the roads were slick in some places. She didn't have any trouble getting up our hill.

Ducks on a lake in mid-December.

It feels more like winter now; we've gone below freezing for the first time, I think, this morning. More snow is predicted for Monday, but probably not anything significant. The birds are enjoying the seed I put out for them. When it gets cold, the bugs and grubs and worms they eat get scarce. I've noticed more birds than usual at the feeders in the last day or so.


  1. And only getting up to around 18C here today. The winter chill has arrived.

  2. The sidewalks were icy this morning but I can't speak for the roads as I didn't get the car out. There was a foot race around town this afternoon. I'm almost glad I can't run for awhile, so that I was not tempted to join in on the frigid fun.

  3. Getting up your hill is a test. I'm glad you got your bread.

  4. Good thing the bread lady was able to make it!

  5. This lovely photo does not conjure of January images for me. :-)

  6. mitch, oh, the horror!

    stuart, we don't have sidewalks, but the little puddles were iced over.

    evelyn, that's for sure.

    judy, we're so spoiled!

    michael, for sure!


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