Sunday, January 17, 2016

Subdued Sunday

It's chilly outside, so the days are all about cooking, eating, cleaning out the wood stove, chopping firewood, building and tending the fire, and watching stuff on television. Today I have Saturday's two NFL playoff games to watch (I recorded them over night). Tomorrow the Australian Open tennis tournament begins for two weeks of grand slam action! I wonder how hot it will be in Melbourne?

A vineyard view from New Year's Eve.

I made a batch of walnut and cranberry biscotti yesterday and they turned out well. Today we'll finish up the beef with carrots that Ken made a few days ago. We're expecting snow again on Monday. Probably just flurries.


  1. Too hot at 36 but then by Wednesday it appears we may have some lower temperatures with humidity. Sorry about the nasty young piece of work representing Australia.

  2. It's a good time of year to chow down on comfort food, that's for sure. Not to dis Austrailia, but I'd rather have our weather now. I had enough of hot and humid weather living in the South of the US.

  3. I love the op-art quality of the vineyard photo, but I'd love it even more if I could enjoy it over a cup of cafe con leche and walnut and cranberry biscotti.

  4. andrew, yes, so far it looks hot. Compared with here, where we're having snow.

    stuart, I'll bet!

    mitch, well, we're only a 15 hour drive away! ;)


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