Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hedging my bets

I've had to face facts: I can't do the hedge trimming any more. Certainly not the high hedges, and until my elbow heals, not even the low hedges. So I asked the landscape contractor to do them all this year. I also asked him to reduce the height of another section of the hedge out back. It's the western edge that looks over the vineyard and now it's all the same height. I'm pretty pleased with the result. Another advantage of having the contractors do all the work is that they also do all of the cleanup and take away the trimmings. Here are some photos. I didn't get any true "before" shots, but i did get some "during" and "after."

The section on the left is done, the section on the right will be reduced to the same height.

The finished hedges, reduced in height and trimmed all around, seen from out back beyond the pond.

View from inside the back gate before the height reduction.

View from inside the back gate (different angle) after the height reduction.


  1. We want a hedge to our new property Walt.
    PS: I don't remember the shed.

  2. See my comment on Ken's blog. Why not let the crew take care of the whole chore every year? Be kind
    to your joints.

  3. Although I love a wall of high hedges and yours was especially lush, your vistas are wasted behind that hedge. It looks beautiful. They do a great job. I never minded trimming shrubs and hedges (actually one of my favourite things to do), but I always hated the clean-up. Glad you're having that done now. You've got plenty of other pleasant (and difficult) garden work to do.

    1. So true!
      Man, Walt, cutting off that much height from that long hedge would have been a nightmare job to do and clean up! "Work smart", as my husband likes to say :)

  4. I love your hedge from all angles and that rotten gate is nice too.

  5. it is not wrong to ask for help; the fact that the landscaper does cleanup is huge.

    I pay a landscaper to do a fall cleanup and snow removal at my house. spouse and I can no longer do these tasks due to arthritis (both) and asthma (me). the gentleman is in my neighborhood and well worth the money.

  6. Why did you actually have so much cut off? A good idea to have it done by someone else of course, but, as I quite like some privacy, I just can't help wondering why?

    I very much like the second pic with all the trees reflected in the pond. Very nice!

  7. leon, it's a lot of work if you let it get too big. The shed's been there since before we arrived.

    sheila, the ladder days are long gone. Now I only do the short hedges where no ladder is required. Except, of course, this year. And now maybe forever!

    mitch, the sense of space and the views are nice. I'm keeping the tall hedge along the road for now.

    judy, if I had attempted that, it would have taken me years. Not to mention having to dispose of the debris. The landscaper had a big chipper that made quick work of it.

    evelyn, it's on the list for replacement!

    anne marie, it's nice to have the option, and I agree about the cleanup!

    elgee, I think it was too tall, blocking views and making a dark, damp corner in that part of the yard. There is no one back there to look in, except vineyard workers now and then and the occasional hiker. But, as I said, I'm keeping the hedge tall along the road for privacy.

  8. All a matter of taste, I suppose, but they do say "borrowed landscape" is a useful part of garden design!


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