Sunday, January 03, 2016

Tut tut

We're expecting rain and wind to move in this morning. It's supposed to be wet most of the day. Saturday was sunny and nice all day, so we can't complain. And, while the temperatures are dropping a little, we're still above normal for this time of year. That means no snow for us.

The smallest, wispiest canes will be removed this winter.

This is one of a few grape vines that have been trained against the wall of the old storage building out in the vineyard. They do produce grapes (I'm not sure what variety), but they're only harvested (as a snack) by people walking past and by the wildlife. Still, the vineyard workers prune it every year along with the other vines.


  1. But we have experienced -15 C today

  2. Drizzly here today, but not much to speak of. Supposed to be gray for at least a few days, which means we could have brilliant sunshine by this afternoon. I love that wall.

  3. 82F (28C) and sunny here. We are not expecting any snow either! ;-)

  4. They prune them even though, eh? Interesting.

  5. Do you know if wine growers/pruners are generational/family done occuputions?

  6. gosia, that's cold!

    mitch, Ah, seaside life!

    wilma, ouch! I guess not!

    judy, yup.

    michael, many of them are, yes.


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