Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Cast not your pearls

Water droplets adorn this winter branch like so many pearls. Or maybe like holiday lights on a tree. When I took this photo and saw it on the camera's little screen, I thought, oh well, not very interesting. I felt the same way when I saw it on the larger computer screen. But I messed around with it a little in Lightroom, cropping out the edges to start, then adjusting light and color. I still don't think it's as good a shot as it might be, but I like the effect. Or at least the idea of it.

The only "swine" in these parts is the occasional wild boar.

I think that the high pressure systems that kept us warm and dry through much of the fall have broken down. We're getting waves of unsettled weather (meaning rain squalls) and the temperatures, while still above normal, are less unusual. But we have yet to have a freeze.


  1. It's a lovely shot. The water droplets look like little LED lights.

  2. Watch out for those wild boars. That's what the Aramaic Bible says you should not throw your pearls before.

  3. A very moody shot - I like the effect. We are cooler today with a light drizzle. I had to put on long pants for the time in ages.

  4. Yeah, it looks good. You did some fine editing. They look like little holiday twinkle lights.

  5. craig, that's what I was thinking...

    mitch, that's what I get for not paying attention in Sunday school.

    wilma, I feel your pain. ;)

    stuart, thanks. I'm wary of over-editing. It's so easy to do.

  6. I usually don't comment after I see you comment (I sense I have missed the boat as it were) but I wanted to say this photo is very attractive to me. I think it stunning. I would want to download it for a laptop wallpaper if OK by you.


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