Saturday, February 20, 2016

Frozen memories

The last of the snow melted away on Friday as the temperature warmed up. I wonder if that was winter's last gasp or whether there will be more. Time will tell. As February starts to transition into March, there should be some very nice days sprinkled in between the chilly, rainy days.

Snow on the winter jasmine.

I'm slowly getting some chores done around the house while Ken's away. Nothing monumental, but there's some cleaning and organizing that needs to be done, kind of like a pre-spring cleaning. There's also laundry. And a trip to the déchetterie (dump) and recycling center is in my immediate future. Not to mention the care and feeding to the two animules. Callie goes to the groomer soon. And you thought my life was all fine wine and foie gras.


  1. I hope you're right, Walt, and that the 10-days forecast is wrong. It's saying that by the end of this month, if not before, we'll be back (i.e. South England and therefore likely you as well) to shivery days and night frosts. If it happens surely it can't last long this time? Can it?

  2. I also start pre-spring cleaning

  3. Animules??? Come on, Walt, I know how you really feel about Callie and Bertie!

    From what I read and view, I describe your and Ken's life alot like fine wine and great food (not fois gras!)

    Mary in Oregon

  4. Down here in the Southern Hemisphere things are hot BUT, the new area where we are in the Central Victorian Highlands, I think we may have a similar climate to yours as we get some snow in Mid-Winter.

  5. Nice snap! I love the flowers against the snow.

  6. raybeard, I hope it doesn't last, but it wouldn't surprise me if we haven't heard the last from Frebruary.

    gosia, it's good to get started early!

    mary, oh, that's just a term of endearment. And we do enjoy foie gras, just not very often. :)

    leon, I'll bet you will enjoy that. Just a little, though. ;)

    christine, thanks!


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