Tuesday, February 09, 2016


More and more vineyard parcels are looking like this as the annual winter pruning continues. In some cases, it's a one-person operation. He or she cuts and stacks the trimmings as you see here. In other cases, one crew will go through and make the cuts, then another crew (or person) will pass through to remove and stack the trimmings. It all depends on the grower. Some growers used to burn the trimmings as they cut them, but I haven't seen that done around here in several years.

After the tractor passes, the mulch will stay on the ground and decompose, providing nutrients to the soil.

Later, someone will drive a tractor along the rows with a mulching attachment and grind the trimmings. That's when you know that spring is here.

I feel like I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for photos right now. The weather has not been good for outdoor photography; I don't like to take the camera out in the rain.


  1. Those vines come with chores! I hope your weather improves asap.

  2. This doesn't look like scraping the bottom of the barrel (sorry it feels that way to you).

    This makes for a beautiful winter landscape.

  3. Pleasing geometry in this image.


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