Monday, February 08, 2016

Mariah blows the stars around

And sends the clouds a-flyin'. We're on the southern edge of a storm that's blowing across the north from Iceland to the British Isles. The wind has been whipping around out there all night, and is expected to continue through to Tuesday. We certainly will not be getting the worst of it, but strong gusts still make me nervous.

The clouds were already a-flyin' on Sunday morning.

Monday macros saw its shadow last week and dove away underground. I expect it to show up again any day now, once the wind dies down. In the meantime, you can paint your wagon.


  1. We have lots of wind today, too, but we don't have a scene as beautiful as this :)

  2. It is horrible weather here today as well and the forecast says lots more rain and even more wind tomorrow. I hate it! Hope you are well Diane

  3. We won't be 'painting ours wagons' here anytime soon, as a Nor'easter is just about to slam us!!
    I really like your photo of the road in the orchard.

  4. I've always like that song! It's sunny shirt-sleeve weather here, but we hope winter and the rain will return in a week or so.

  5. Pretty spectacular! Thanks for the song reference. I'll be singing it in my sleep!

  6. Wonderful weather here! Walking weather.

  7. That's a wonderful song, and unfortunately the whole score seems never to have become as well known as others of the period. Lovely, moody picture of the road through the vineyard.

  8. judy, I'll bet you do! Just depends on where you look...

    diane, we're well, but going a little stir-crazy!

    jim, lol! I was hearing Twilight Zone music in my head when I saw your post.

    gosia, for sure!

    chris, shirt-sleeve weather here, too. T-shirt plus sweat-shirt plus heavy coat-sleeves.

    mitch, payback.

    christine, walking here is not so fun right now.

    michael, why, RAINBOW, of course. :)

    emm, I haven't seen the film in ages and hardly remember the rest of the score. :(


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