Thursday, February 11, 2016

Les pommes

I've taken to eating an apple a day. I did the same thing last winter, but at some point I stopped. It's during the winter season that I find this specific apple in the supermarket. It's called Tentation Delblush, a French cultivar created in 1979 that is a cross between the Grifer and Golden Delicious varieties. I've never really liked Golden Delicious apples, but the Delblush variety is much sweeter and every bit as crunchy. I read that they're grown commercially in New Zealand (and some in the UK) then shipped to the Northern Hemisphere where they're available from fall until spring, but the ones I buy are marked as having been grown here in France.

Delblush look similar to the yellow apples in this photo (which I took at the Marché Jean Talon in Montréal in 2012).

I eat my apple in the evening with a piece of cheese, often a firm brebis (sheep's cheese). Very tasty and nutritious! I'll miss the Delblush when they're gone, but they'll come back again next fall. In the meantime, there are many other apple varieties from which to choose, not to mention the ones that grow in our back yard.


  1. I haven't seen them here; not really surprising... they sound like an apple I could, well, sink my teeth into.

  2. One of my freshmen the other day was completely certain that we were all nuts for saying that there were different kinds of apples. "There are red ones and green ones and red/green ones, and they are all just apples. That's all!" That was his story, and he was sticking to it :)

  3. I'm fond of Ambrosia apples which look like your Delblushes. I wish I had your cheeses to eat them with- I settle for cheddar mostly.

  4. Apples and cheese make a great combination. Our apples choices are very limited - red delicious or granny smith are usually available. Would love to get my hands (and teeth!) on the Delblushes.

  5. I have so much fruit every day, but almost never an apple. I think it's because I prefer my apples sliced and I would have to that myself... and that would mean cooking. This apple sounds perfect. I, too, like the crunch of golden delicious but not as much the taste.

  6. Thanks for the beautiful shot and the reminder...I will now go upstairs, choose one golden delicious apple, slice off some extra sharp cheddar cheese and wish you a good morning, shortly (!)

    Mary in Oregon

  7. jacqueline, they are tasty! I've not looked for them elsewhere.

    judy, well, that's why they're called "freshmen" I suppose. Maybe he should look up the word "education" in the dictionary! ;)

    evelyn, cheddar is good! I'm not sure I know ambrosia apples.

    wilma, I hope you find some!

    mitch, I slice the apples, too. I even use an apple corer. But then, I'm an accomplished cook. LOL

    mary, sounds good!

    1. My sliced and cored apple was delicious!!!

      Mary in Oregon


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